Fiberglass Golf Course Accessories

These fiberglass products can be made in any colour. These units will be a perfect addition to any driving range, golf cours or putt putt lanes. These fiberglass golf course units are perfect for handling hot, cold and rainy weather.

Water Fountians Golf Course Accessories

This water fountain can be connected to the main water line or a temporary hosepipe can be moved around. This water fountain is ideal for washing hands or golfing equipment.

Large Golf Ball Litter Bin Golf Course Accessories

This is a perfect addition for golf courses, driving lanes or putt putt lanes. The lid of this litter bin can be removed for easy cleaning.

Open Top Golf Ball Golf Course Accessories

This open top golf ball is perfect for collecting the golf balls at a putt putt lane or even as a golf ball bin next to a driving lane. This can also be used for flowerpot.

Course Map Stand Golf Course Accessories

This stand is ideal for a map marking out the course and where all the holes are for your putt putt lanes or golf course.

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