SIMPLET FIBERGLASS,was founded by a German Named Johann Heinrich Pletz in 1975 who currently serves as the Managing Director of the company .With his extensive experience in Laboratory Furniture, he has made the company a market leader in South Africa and currently are supplying most leaders in this field of expertise.

SIMPLET FIBERGLASS, is now a name synonym with fiberglass products. Our products which are manufactured strictly according to the approved specification for the manufacture of fiberglass products are guaranteed for a long lifespan and our products are unmatched in South Africa.

Established in 1975 it is now one of the leading manufacturers of Fiberglass Products in South Africa. We specialize not in any one line of product, but caters to the varied requirement of the client. Fume Hoods, Fume Cabinets,Acid Resistant Work Benches, Guard Houses, Water Slides, Pool Furniture in various designs and sizes are our standard products.

Years of research and development have resulted in improved quality and services. Quality is of Prime Importance to us and on which there is no compromise. This is reflected by the fact, that our clients comprises of supplying leading laboratory manufacturers, National and Multinational Companies, Educational Institutions, Leading Industries, Government Institutions, Recreational Facilities and Private Residences.

In short our varied items cater to different segments of society. Should you therefore need to know more about Fiberglass and the infinite possibilities that exists in the manufacturing of Fiberglass products, the only place you need to go is to Simplet Fiberglass.